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School Profile




School Profile


Administrative Staff

Marilou Long, Chancellor

Penelope Howder, Interim Director

Swopan Malaker, Assistant Director

Natasha Boykov, Head of High School Student Services

Mona Kach, Head of Middle School Student Services

Dana Clark, Head of Elementary Student Services and Teacher Services


The School: Located in Chittagong, Bangladesh’s second largest city, William Carey Academy provides English-medium instruction using an American curriculum. The goal of the school is to provide a model of international-standard education which will prepare Bangladeshi students for study at world-class universities. The school was founded in 1996 with grades KG—Class 3. Each year a new class was added, and in 2006 the first graduation of the 12th grade was held.


Student Body: School enrollment for the 2015-16 school year is 367 students, 92 of whom are in the high school. We reserve 90% of the seats in our school for Bangladeshi students, with the other 10% set aside for expatriate students. In order to provide opportunities for a wide variety of students we offer financial assistance for 20% of our families. Our students come from nearly every economic level in Bangladesh.


Faculty: The instructional staff of WCA is divided between Bangladeshis and expatriates. The majority of our high school teachers have degrees from universities in the United States.


Curriculum: WCA offers a traditional American curriculum in a distinctly Bangladeshi context. All courses except Bengali and foreign languages are taught in English, and English is used in all school related activities. We balance this focus on English use by celebrating Bangladeshi holidays, teaching Bengali language and observing Bangladeshi customs when possible. Our KG—Class 12 program is accredited through ACSI which is recognized by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.


Graduation Requirements: WCA offers a challenging college-preparatory program. Students are required to take the following credits: English 4.0, Social Studies 4.0, Science 3.0, Math 3.0, Foreign Language 2.0, Bengali language 2.0. A variety of enrichment and elective courses in moral education, fine arts computer technology, and physical education are also offered. In addition to academic coursework, each senior must develop a senior project that addresses a social issue in Bangladesh. The project involves research, writing a 3000 word paper and creating a 30 minute presentation with question and answer time about that issue.


Extra-curricular activities: WCA offers a variety of extra-curricular activities. Our sports program consists of interscholastic and intramural sports for both boys and girls. Sports offered include basketball, soccer, volleyball, cricket and table tennis. Students may also choose to participate in yearbook, school paper and student government.


GPA/Class Rank: WCA uses a 4.0 weighted scale. Due to our small class size and competitive student body we do not rank students except to determine valedictorian and salutatorian. These ranks are based on cumulative GPA from grades 9-12. All graded subjects are included in the GPA. Our grading scale is as follows:


Percentage Letter Grade American GPA (4.0 as highest mark) Equivalent GPA (5.0 as highest mark)
93-100 A 4.0 5.0
85-92 B 3.0 3.75
75-84 C 2.0 2.5
65-75 D 1.0 1.25



For example, if a student receives a 3.8 GPA from William Carey that would be the equivalent of a 4.75 GPA from a British-system school.


Test Results: The average SAT results for the class of 2016 were:


Score Percentile
Critical Reading 548 66
Mathematics 552 65
Writing 567 64
Total 1667 65



College Placement: WCA Graduates have received admission to the following universities:


American International University Bangladesh – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Assumption University – Bangkok, Thailand

BIRDEM Medical School – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bethel University – Tennessee, USA

BRAC University – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bucknell University – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Cardiff Law School – Cardiff, Wales

Carleton University – Ontario, Canada

College of William and Mary – Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Cornell University – Ithaca, New York, USA

Dhaka University Institute for Business Administration (IBA) – Dhaka, Bangladesh

HELP University College – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Independent University of Bangladesh – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ithaca College – Ithaca, New York, USA

Kent University – London, England

Macquarie University – Sydney, Australia

Memorial University – Newfoundland, Canada

Multimedia University (MMU) – Cyberjaya Campus, Malaysia

North-South University – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Purdue University – West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Queen Mary’s University – London, England

State University of New York – Binghamton, New York, USA

Stony Brook University – New York, USA

Texas A&M University – College Station, Texas, USA

University College of Creative Arts – Canterbury, England

University of British Columbia – Vancouver, Canada

University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland

University of Sydney – Sydney, Australia

University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada

Virginia Polytechnic University – Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Wheaton College – Wheaton, Illinois, USA