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Notice for General Admission

(Kg 2 – Grade 11)

WCA classes tend to remain full with very few empty seats. Those of you wishing to admit your child in grades KG 2 through 11, should submit an application to the office. It will be placed in the waiting file for when it is time to fill empty seats.


The application needs to include the following:


2. Child’s government approved birth certificate.
3. One passport sized photo of your child.
4. All report cards and school records from past schools.
5. A letter explaining why your child needs to switch school and why you have chosen WCA.


When it is time to fill empty seats in a particular class, we will go through the waiting file for that class and call the children for an interview and entrance exam. Please note that we rarely are able to take students in Class 11, as it is difficult for those students to transfer enough credits to graduate on time.